Kelvin to Fahrenheit (K to F)

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There are two primary temperature scales that are often used: Kelvin and Fahrenheit. The Kelvin scale is a standard metric scale, and one degree on this scale is equal in size to one degree on the Celsius scale. However, the zero point on the Kelvin scale is absolute zero. The temperature that is most typically used in the United States is expressed in Fahrenheit. If you are familiar with the appropriate equation, converting between the two scales can be accomplished with relative ease.

Temperature Conversion Formula Table

UnitTo CelsiusTo FahrenheitTo Kelvin
Celsius (C)C (°)C(9⁄5) + 32C + 273.15
Fahrenheit(F − 32) × 5⁄9F(F − 32) × 5⁄9 + 273.15
KelvinK – 273.15(K – 273.15) * 9/5 + 32K

Convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit

The equation for converting from Kelvin to Fahrenheit that is most straightforward is F = 1.8*(K-273) + 32.

Temperature can be measured using both Kelvin and Fahrenheit scales. On the other hand, the Kelvin scale is an absolute scale, and its zero point is located at absolute zero. It does not have degrees. The Fahrenheit scale is a relative one that may be broken down into degrees.

At 574.25, the Fahrenheit and Kelvin temperatures are identical.

Kelvin to Fahrenheit Conversion Formula

The formula to convert between Kelvin and Fahrenheit is as follows:

° F = 9/5(K – 273) + 32

It’s possible that the equation will appear with more important figures:

° F = 9/5(K – 273.15) + 32


° F = 1.8(K – 273) + 32

You are free to select whichever equation best suits your needs. When you have a Kelvin temperature that also has several significant digits, it is preferable to use the equation that has a greater degree of precision.

By following these four steps, converting from Kelvin to Fahrenheit is a simple process.

  • Take your temperature in Kelvin and subtract 273.15 from it.
  • This figure needs to be multiplied by 1.8, which is the decimal equivalent of 9/5.
  • Include an additional 32 in this total.
  • Your response will be the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Please keep in mind that you need to submit this temperature in degrees.

An Example of Converting from Kelvin to Fahrenheit

Converting the temperature of the room from Kelvin to Fahrenheit will serve as our example problem here. The temperature in the room is 293 Kelvin.

Begin by writing down the equation. For the purposes of this illustration, let’s pick the one that has less important figures:

° F = 9/5(K – 273) + 32

Enter the value for the Kelvin scale here:

F = 9/5(293 – 273) + 32

Putting in some numbers:

F = 9/5(20) + 32 F = 36 + 32 F = 68

Since degrees correspond to Fahrenheit, the correct answer is that the temperature in a room is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

An Example of Converting from Fahrenheit to Kelvin

Let’s try to do the conversion in the opposite direction. Consider the example of converting the temperature of the human body, which is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, to the same value in Kelvin. You are free to use the following equation:

F = 9/5(K – 273) + 32

98.6 = 9/5(K – 273) + 32

After deducting 32 from either side, you will obtain: 66.6 = 9/5 (K – 273)

To find the answer, multiply 9/5 by each value included within the parentheses to get:
66.6 = 9/5K – 491.4

Put the variable that you are interested in, K, on one side of the equation. I made the decision to take off (-491.4) from both sides of the equation, which is the same thing as adding 491.4 to 66.6: 558 = 9/5K

Both sides of the equation need to be multiplied by 5 in order to arrive at the solution: 2,790 = 9K

In the end, divide both sides of the equation by 9 to get the answer in kilograms: 310 = K

Therefore, the temperature of the human body, measured in Kelvin, is 310. Keep in mind that the temperature in Kelvin is not stated in degrees but rather with a capital letter K.

Note: You could have solved the conversion from Fahrenheit to Kelvin by using another form of the equation, which only required you to rewrite it:

K = 5/9(F – 32) + 273.15

This is essentially the same as stating that one degree Kelvin is equivalent to one degree Celsius + 273.15.

Don’t forget to double verify your work. At a temperature of 574.25, both the Kelvin and Fahrenheit values will be the same. This is the only temperature at which this will occur.

Temperature (in Kelvin)Kelvin to Fahrenheit
0 K-459.67° F
1 K-457.87° F
2 K-456.07° F
3 K-454.27° F
4 K-452.47° F
5 K-450.67° F
10 K-441.67° F
50 K-369.67° F
100 K-279.67° F
300 K80.33° F
574.59 K574.59° F