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How Many Carats Are There in One Gram?

Multiplying the weight by the conversion ratio will allow you to convert the gram measurement to the carat measurement.

The following straightforward method can be used to convert between carats and grams, given that one gram is equivalent to five carats (Gram to Carat):

carats = grammes × 5

The weight in carats can be calculated by multiplying the grams by a factor of 5.

Using the formula presented above, below is an illustration of how to convert 5 grams to carats.

5 g = (5 × 5) = 25 ct

How Many Grains Are There in an Ounce?

Because there are 5 carats in a gram, we make use of this value in the calculation that was just shown (Gram to Carat).

1 g = 5 ct

Both grams and carats are units that are used to quantify weight in different ways. Continue reading to acquire further knowledge regarding each unit of measurement.


One-thousandth of a kilogram, or a gram, is equal to one kilogram, and one cubic centimeter of water has a mass that is approximately equivalent to one gram.

The gram also referred to as the gram, is a weight unit that is used in the metric system. The unit of measurement known as the gram can be abbreviated as g; for instance, 1 gram can be written as 1 g.


One carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams when used as a measure of mass or weight.

A carat may alternatively be referred to as a metric carat depending on the context. Carats, which are also commonly shortened as CD, can be abbreviated as ct, which stands for carat. One carat, for instance, can be expressed as either one ct or one CD.

Gram to Carat Conversion Table

Gram [g]Carat [car, Ct]
0.01 g0.05 car, ct
0.1 g0.5 car, ct
1 g5 car, ct
2 g10 car, ct
3 g15 car, ct
5 g25 car, ct
10 g50 car, ct
20 g100 car, ct
50 g250 car, ct
100 g500 car, ct
1000 g5000 car, ct