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Cm To Inch
Name Unit
Inch 0 Inch
Feet 0 Feet
Yards 0 Yards
Miles 0 Miles
Light-years 0 L.Y.
Meters 0 Meters
Kilometers 0 Km

CM to Inches Converter is the most useful and easy to use length unit converter. You can enter any number of centimeters  in metric converter and cm inch converter will produce the result in inches for given centimeters. Here is the cm to inch calculator to find centimeters in inches.

Convert Centimeters to Inches

Type a value in the cm field to convert the value from cm to inches:

CM to Inches converter to calculate the Centimeters into Inches. You can find the answers to the following questions using this CM to IN converter.

1CM to IN – Conversion Table

Here is the conversion table of 1CM to IN. You can quickly refer this table for all 1CM to IN with fractions.


Centimeters to Inches

Following is the metric conversion table of 1 Centimeters and important values. You can find the calculated values of previous and next values using this table.


Centimeters – Metric Conversions

Here are the converted values of 1 Centimeters in Centimeters, Inches, Feet, Decimeters, Millimeters, Meters, Kilometers, Yards and Miles. You can select any metric and enter the value to see the converted values in all important metrics.

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What is 1 CM in Inches?


What size is 1 CM?

0.39 in

What size is 1 CM in Inches?

0.39 in

How to convert 1 CM to Inches?


How many Inches is 1 Centimeters?


1 Centimeters is equal to how many Inches?


How tall is 1 CM in Inches?


How much is 1 CM of snow in Inches?

39.3700787 inches

How many Inches is a 1 CM ruler?


How long is 1 CM in Inches?


How big is 1 CM?

2.54 centimeters

How big is 1 CM diameter?

0.04 inches

How tall is 1 CM in Inches?


How wide is 1 CM in Inches?


What is 1 CM to IN?


How many centimeters in an Inch

There are 2.54 Centimeters in an inch. And 1 centimeter is equals to 0.3937007874015748 inches. Following are the most frequently used inch to centimeter conversions.

What is the Symbol of the Centimeter?

Centimeters are denoted with ‘cm’. A centimeter unit is followed by a cm symbol. For example, 10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm, 100 cm, etc…

What is the Spelling of the Centimeter?

Centimeters have two different spellings. Centimeter is the American English spelling and Centimetre is British English spelling. You can use either of the spellings based on the region.

What is Square Centimeter?

A Square Centimeter is the unit of area in Centimeters. For example, you can find the area of width 1 cm, height 1 cm. The area will be 1 Square Centimeter (cm2). The symbol for Square Centimeter is cm2.

It is generally used for measuring small areas. For example, A4 size Paper sheet will be 21 cm width and 29.7 cm height, the area will be 623.7 cm2

Unicode Symbol of Centimeter:

Here are the Unicode symbols of Centimeter and it’s area and volume units.

  • Centimeter (cm) – code 339D
  • Square Centimeter (cm2)  code 33A0
  • Cubic centimeter (cm3) – code 33A4

What is Cubic Centimeter?

A Cubic Centimeter is the unit of volume in Centimeters.  The symbol for Cubic Centimeter is cm3.

How to Change Centimeter to Inches MS Office Documents

We can change the default display unit in Microsoft Office Applications. Follow the below steps to change the default unit from Inches to Centimeters.

  1. Go to the file menu tab in the ribbon menu.
  2. Click on the Options button (bottom of the file menu)
  3. Then go to Advanced Options
  4. Go to Display Settings
  5. Select the drop-down menu (for Show measurements in units of)
  6. Set the required display unit (Centimeter,Inches).

When do we use Centimeter Unit?

We use Centimeters to measure small lengths and distances. Here are the general usage cases of Centimeters:

  1. To measure the cloths, Tailors will use Centimeters along with Meters.
  2. To measure the height of a person in Centimeters.
  3. Most of the students using scales will be with Centimeters. Normally 15 cm or 30 cm length.
  4. Diameter of a battery, width of the business cards.
  5. Width of the Printing Sheets or Photography Paper.
  6. Most of the ID cards will be 4 to 8 cm width.

How big is a Centimeter?

A Centimeter is 10 time bigger than a Millimeters, 10000 bigger than Micrometer and 10000000 times bigger than an Nanometer. The following table helps you to understand how big and small is a centimeters when comparing to other units.

What is 1 cm equals to?

In many cases we convert centimeters to other length units. Here are the most frequently conversions, this will helps us to understand how big is a Centimeter.

  • 1 Centimeter is equals to 10000000 Nanometer
  • 1 Centimeter is equals to 10000 Micrometer
  • 1 Centimeter is equals to 10 Millimeters
  • 1 Centimeter is equals to 0.01 Meters
  • 1 Centimeter is equals to 0.00001 Kilometers
  • 1 Centimeter is equals to 0.3937007874 Inches
  • 1 Centimeter is equals to 0.03280839895 Feet
  • 1 Centimeter is equals to 0.01093613298 Yards
  • 1 Centimeter is equals to 0.000006213711922 Miles
  • 1 Centimeter is equals to 0.000005399568035 Nautical Miles
  • 1 Centimeter is equals to 1.056998307E-18 Light-years